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        Denmark is known for its egalitarian society and high standard of living. As one of the most socially and economically developed sovereign states it consistently ranks highly in national performance metrics.

        While the country hits high notes for education, health care, democratic governance, prosperity, and having one of the world's highest per-capita incomes, the downside is the personal income tax rate; it's high, extremely high.

        But with the right financial advice, your wealth management plan in Denmark can help to ensure you don't pay more tax than you need to, and that you pay it in the most appropriate jurisdiction. We can also assist you in making sure your investments are optimised to help you achieve your financial goals.

        Yes, Denmark can offer British expats a lot of wonderful life opportunities and experiences, so it pays to have the expert financial advice behind you to help you navigate the monetary landscape.


        British expats in Denmark should understand that not all financial advisers in the country are fully regulated, so you may have limited redress if the advice they give you is negligent or damaging. In Denmark Blacktower is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), so you can be assured of our high standards of client care.

        Whatever the reason for your move to Denmark – perhaps for career progression, to be with family or maybe it's your retirement destination of choice – Blacktower offers a range of financial services for expats, including:

        • Pension planning and pension reviews
        • International pension transfers: including SIPPs and QROPS 
        • Wealth management solutions: including access to top-rated private banks, tax effective investing, and access to lending and credit lines
        • Discretionary fund management solutions
        • Non-discretionary fund adviser services: including advice on risk and asset allocation

        Our team can also help you understand the tax implications of a move to Denmark, how to establish your tax residency and how to make the most of expatriate tax schemes and allowances.

        Contact Blacktower by filling in the form above or by calling +45 89 872 172 today.

        Lars Blichfeldt

        Regional Manager

        Daniel Goggin

        Head of Banking & Finance Clients

        James Stovell

        International Financial Adviser

        Business development department

        Steve Theivendrarajah

        Business Development

        Christopher Perez

        Business Development

        Administrative department

        Natasha Wileman

        Personal Assistant to Daniel Goggin

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